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The drumbrake wheel that I scored turns out to have been from a 1985/1986 Honda XL 250, I have made drawings of all the parts and figured out how to modify it to fit a 3/4" (19.05 mm) axle. Aad has a really big lathe at his dayjob that can fit a 21"wheel, so this week the new bigger bearings will be installed.


I had narrowed and reshaped the seatbase of this ancient king and queen seat, and asked Jeroen at Silvermachine seats to re-upholster it with the original old leather. He did a great job, it is hard to tell anything changed but now it fits my frame perfectly! As I write this it is in the mail on it's way back to me.


Putting the throttle cable back in the handlebar when using internal throttle is always a challenge, so I will show you some tricks. About 5" or 127 mm from the end of the handlebar there is a plug with a very small hole where the inner cable should go in. I drilled that hole out to 3.5 mm using a homemade extended drill. Then I took a piece of outer brake cable from a bicycle and removed the plastic, so it fits through the 3.5 mm hole.

Then I stuck the bicycle outer cable through the handlebar from the top, stuck the inner throttlecable through from below and then pulled out the bicycle cable again from the top. Inner cable is now in place, next i put the inner cable through the handlebar bolt and used a modified Allen wrench to tighten the bolt.