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Change of plans

I decided to keep the Harman forks for the next project and complete this bike more or less the way it is. First I will need to build a street legal version to get the papers for the bike, then I will strip it and rebuild it the way I want it. I started by removing all the rust as much as possible and painting the bare metal with Duplicolor Rust Stop Primer.
Those stainless pipes we made that exit through the belt will definitely have to be replaced by something more quiet to get the bike registered, and I guess they will want longer fenders, beltcover, mirrors, mufflers etcetera....


I got a set of shotgun pipes that I can slip some mufflers over for the RDW-test, found a set of stock handlebars that I can use, started adding the brakelines and oillines, mounted an S&S shorty carb and tons of other small stuff.