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Last time (February) I had modified the ducktail rear fender and brought it to Ben Oud for paint. After priming I picked it up to do a laser scan and then brought it back for the final piano black finish. Black is "invisible" to my laserscanner so that is why I scanned it while still in primer.


The picture above is a Keyshot rendering of the updated CAD model


After picking up the freshly painted fender I did a quick test fit and then installed the wiring. I had already designed and lasercut a stainless steel license plate bracket so I gave that a quick polish, although it will barely be visible once installed.


I wanted a traditional cateye taillight, it turned out there were 2 kinds available; one with leds and a white lens and the other with a lightbulb and a red lens. Ofcourse I wanted leds and a red lens so I combined parts from both types.


Now I need to figure out if there is enough room for the shocks to compress without hitting the license plate and I will be good to go. I might add a simple luggage rack as it would be nice to bring a tent and sleeping bag without damaging my new paint...