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Back in 1986 when I bought my first FLH Shovelhead that is now Cadbike 1, one of the first things I did was to remove the stck fenders and I used a ducktail fender that was originally intended for a hardtail, slightly widened and fitted with internal struts for a cleaner look.


My buddy Theo had a polyester shop and asked if he could use it as a pattern and so the first Metapol fender was born (MetaPol stands for Metal-Polyester) Ofcourse I got the first one for my own bike and rode around with it for a few years in the eighties. After that it was on Jobert's bike for a few years and then it ended up on the shelf in my barn


Fast forward 32 years or so, as I had managed to damage the fender we made last year, I was trying on some differnet ideas and found the old ducktail again. I figured it looked kind of cool in combination with current look of the bike so figured I would give it another go. First issue was a big gap between the seat and the fender, so it was going to need some surgery...


In order to move the fender forward an inch or so I cut off the front. Better! Now you can see the heavy steel struts that are built into the sides of the fender, I would need to make new mounting holes so that the shock bolts would connect to the steel part.


I machined some threaded bungs from stainless steel, removed the polyester on the inside of the fender and welded the bungs to the steel supports, using a simple jig to keep the parts aligned, then covered the insides and filled the gaps with polyester again. To be continued...