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Kickstarting Cadbike 1 for the first time after the rebuild.


The bike started ok after the rebuild allthough there was a bit of smoking from the rear head. The heads on this engine are slightly worn but I figured they would last one more season. Then a few weeks ago I had a photoshoot with Sik, he temporarily changed my old barn into a photostudio. Sneak preview below.

All went well with the photoshoot, but afterwards I kickstarted the bike and noticed the rear rockerbox was moving! I had stripped the valvecover threads on the rear head, shit! I actually already had set of new STD heads that I was planning to install next winter so I removed the rear head to see what the damage was.


It turned out that the threads that had stripped out had already been repaired earlier with Helicoils, so I put aside the old heads to be repaired later and started preparing the new heads. First job, external oil returns to keep the oil from reaching the spark plugs (because of the bigbore conversion the oil returns are very close to the combustion chambers)


The heads were machined and tapped, and we made some brass adapters to fit the AN fittings of the oillines. The original holes in the gasket surface were welded shut, to be continued... .