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We made a new stainless steel handlebar with an investment cast stainless center, this part will be going in production soon and will be available in my webshop. For the first prototype which will be going on my own Cadbike1 I added a Tolle internal throttle that was shortened to fit the IK Works rubber grips. Aad made some stainless rings to finish off the transition between handlebars and grips.


Still with the old handlebar in this pic. I wonder how the bike would look with a bigger headlight, must make a rendering of that...


Next parts were the interior of the new cast aircleaner and a battery box. I bought a new vertical milling machine with digital readout, so I can machine the castings as soon as they are cooled off! Some before and after pics below. I am making a new batch of cast batterycovers, these will soon be available in the webshop also.