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I have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks, so I am a little behind with updating the website. For the third attempt at casting the aircleaner cover I first made a new crucible (melting pot) from 3 mm stainless as the first crucible (which was actually a souppan) was dangerously thin..
Also I tried a different placement of runners and risers, and this time it seems I got it right.


Anyway, the third attempt at casting the thin-wall aircleaner cover worked like a charm (well, apart from my spilling a bit of molten aluminum..). This time Adele was there to film the casting:


After removing runners and risers, all that remained was machining the mounting surfaces, drilling the mounting holes and a lot of polishing. As I write this the filter is already installed on Cadbike #1, allthough I still need to add the actual mesh to filter the air, because at the moment it is more a rain cover than an aircleaner, haha.