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How to build an Aluminum side-mount batterybox:

Before After

In the winter of 98/99 I was looking at my sled, trying to decide what my next project would be. I decided to pick the ugliest part of my bike and build something cool to replace it. The ugliest part just had to be the batterybox, I started making some sketches and designs, using the CAD-model of my bike (Cadbike #1), and came up with a sidemount batterybox made of aluminum and stainless steel, which happen to be my favourite materials. click to enlarge

click to enlarge After I made the Cad-drawings of the 3 main aluminum parts, a friend at work cut the 3 parts out of some 30 millimeter thick chunks of aircraft-quality aluminum, using a CNC wire erosion machine. The cuts were only 0.2 mm wide! Then the top and bottom parts had to be made hollow, leaving only 6 mm's of material on all sides.

The top part I did at home using my own little milling machine on a Friday night, it took 6 hours to remove all that material! I decided to do the bottom part at work with a much bigger milling machine, this took only 1 hour.

The round grooves in the top cover I did at a friends machine shop; he has a big milling machine with a digital readout, so I could use the coordinates generated by my CAD-program.

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click to enlarge All other parts are AISI 316 Stainless Steel, the ground-wire is connected to the inside of the battery-box so only one wire comes out of the back.

At the moment I have taken it apart for some small modifications so I took the opportunity to make some pics.

To be continued!