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Cadbike #33, the BMW Bobber

I guess it must have been in 1987 that I bought
a wrecked BMW R90S. It had smashed into a curb
and landed in a canal, when I bought it there was still canal water in engine and gearbox.

Frame and forks were too smashed up to be saved.
I bought a frame of a R51 with a raked neck
and used all kinds of parts to build a running ratbike. In 2005 I decided to rebuild it and
ofcourse things went a bit further than planned..

I planned the whole bike in CAD first and then
together with Aad Heemskerk started building.

Pictures 1987-2005
Old movie of My BMW
Old movie of My BMW
Starting Cadbike 33 1st try
Starting Cadbike 33 2nd try
Cadbike 33 in Norrtelje
Riding Cadbike 33

CAD version of this bike

Rebuilding the bike (84 pages!)

Article McNytt, Sweden
Article Custombike, Germany
Article BMW Motorräder, Germany
Article the Horse,USA
Article Bikernet,USA
Article Xtreme Bikes, Spain
Article Wild, France
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Photoshoot Maurice v/d Tillaard