Best Classic BMW Custom of the Year
From Europe for 2008
By Mark and the DBBP-Design
Posted 9/16/2008

BMW 06h

Waaaay back when I was 18 years old (26 years ago), the first bike I put together myself was a 1951 BMW. Back then I wanted a Harley but could not afford one yet, so I put that Beemer together, all black & chrome & pretty and before I had a chance to ride it , I got an offer to trade it for a 1969 Norton Commando, in boxes. The Norton was a 750 with papers and the BMW was a 500 without papers….

BMW 96

I fixed the Commando, sold it, bought my first Harley, a 45” flathead WLC, loved that bike! When I was 21 I bought a Shovelhead, rebuilt that bike every winter until pretty much all of it had been modified at least once. I still have that Shovel by the way, but I kept thinking about that old Beemer too.


A couple of years later I was able to buy a crashed BMW R90/S for about 400 dollars. The bike was in terrible shape as it had hit a piece of concrete curb and landed in a canal. It had been dredged up the next day and dumped in a shed where it had sat for 6 years, so when I bought it there was still canal water in the engine and gearbox.

BMW 94

I bought an old 1951 BMW R51 frame at a swapmeet, the neck had been raked to put a 10” overstock Honda fork in it. I took apart and repaired the engine and gearbox of the crashed R90/S and put them in the R51 frame, and using all sorts of parts I had collected over the years I built me a BMW ratbike. It had a Benelli front wheel, DKW headlight, Honda forklegs, Harley trees and so on. I painted the whole thing army green and rode it like that until August of 2005.


I decided to put a Springer fork in it, so the neck on the frame needed to be de-raked and moved forward a bit. Once we had the frame in a jig we noticed that the frame was pretty warped although I had never really noticed while riding. I decided to change the plans and build a hardtail frame then. The part of the old BMW frame that I really loved was the fact that it had oval tapered tubing in the front downtubes and under the seat, so we kept those pieces and built the rest from scratch. Thanks to my buddy Ronnie Breuer at Iron Pit who welded the frame together in his frame jig.


Somewhere along the road things got a little bit out of hand, as I decided to design my own wheelhubs with long spokes on one side and short spokes on the other. Aad Heemskerk machined them for me, and of course the spokes and rims then also had to be made.



The Springer was shortened about an inch and a half, we made the front brake from scratch using the internal parts from the BMW R90/S wrecked bike. Tank is a heavily modified Superglide tank I got free, headlight was 10 bucks at a swapmeet, fender homemade, seat modified Crime Scene Choppers Hardass. Taillight Crime Scene Choppers. ( I did the CAD work for most of CSC’s cast parts) The midcontrols are homemade in stainless using Mooneyes exhaust caps as footrests. Handlebars and pipes also stainless thanks to Aad Heemskerk.



The bronze risers are parts that I make and sell on my website Carbs are Stromberg 97’s with homemade aluminum manifolds, instead of cables they are operated by little stainless steel pushrods.


Paint is Crème White with Reseda Green , Nicoline painted a german eagle with a ducks head on the front of the engine (from a drawing by my friend The bike has no Chrome, all the shiny bits are either nickelplated or stainless steel. Was fun to build something other than a Harley for a change!



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