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In all the years I have owned my old 1973 Electraglide it had a starter motor but that was never hooked up, I always just kickstarted it. Recently I was in a bicycle accident where I bruised 3 ribs and hurt my back, so I thought now would be a good time to hook up that electric start as kickstarting is temporarily not possible!


Instead of wiring up the starter button on the handlebars I decided to install a "pullstarter" which will activate the starter from a little lever on the primary cover. I removed the battery and the rear exhaust, and then the outer primary cover.


The little aluminium block is not very nice to look at but will be mostly hidden when I am finished anyway. To get the little spring on the pullrod I compressed it with 2 small tie-wraps. So much easier! Don't forget to remove the tie-wraps when the spring is in place....


This system required an extra relay, for which I fabricated a little bracket which I welded under the battery tray. Forgot to take a picture, sorry.


The terminals on the relay were a lot smaller than the holes in my starter cables, so I machined some brass adaptors for a good connection, to be continued...