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In the last installment I had designed a bracket to mount a Brembo caliper the on rear of my Electraglide, in the meantime it has been lasercut so I can continue. It will not be visible behind the bag so I kept it very simple and functional.


The main plate was cut from 10 mm steel, I machined a spacer and TIG welded that in. (I am just starting to learn TIG welding, so not the prettiest welds yet) I testfitted the assembly on the bike and found that the caliper needed to move in 1 mm to be exactly centered on the disc


I machined a 1 mm recess in the plate, and also cleaned up my uneven weld by machining off the excess material. Then I painted the plate in a black primer coating.


The axle nut was looking pretty crappy so I machined a spacer and the back of the nut for a press fit and TIG welded the back for good measure. Then I sandblasted it and chemically blackened it. I also drilled a hole through nut and axle for a "hairpin" style safety thingy


After reading the instructions that came with the new Brembo caliper, I found that the rubbers used in it are not compatible with DOT 5 brakefluid, so I will need to rebuild or replace the master cylinder as well so I can use DOT 3 or 4