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The last update was in 2018, so time for another one I guess. I have traveled all over the place since then, until due to Corona there was not a lot to do anymore. There have been a few small modifications though, and since I am riding Cadbike13 mostly now, it is back on the table for a small upgrade.


One of the things I did was change from 2 into 1 pipes to 2 into 2 for easier breathing and better sound. Looks better too I think.


The last time I rode it (last week) the rear brakes were not working at all, it has one of those big banana discbrakes hidden behind the bag. Upon inspection I found it was completely worn out, both the pins and the pads. I could rebuild it but these brakes are pretty crappy even then. I decided to convert the bike to use a Brembo caliper I had left over from some other project.



The Brembo looks like it will fit, so I laserscanned and reverse engineered it to design a new mounting bracket in CAD, and this bracket is currently getting lasercut so I should be getting it in a week or 2