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I decided to keep the bags on this bike, but they will be needing a few modifications. The first thing is that the little metal clamps at the bottom of the bags squeek terribly and keep breaking off. The second thing is that the bags look like they could be mounted a bit lower, so I came up with an idea to kill 2 birds with one stone...


I decided to lower the bags over the support frame, so I could put some foam rubber around the bottom rail of the frame. This would lower the bags and eliminate the squeeking and breaking clamps. Also from the side it will look cleaner as the support frame will now be mostly hidden from view.

I started by making a little "jig" from a piece of aluminum that would fix the mounting studs to eachother at the correct angle and distance.


Both mounting studs were then cut off from the support frame and re-attached 20 mm lower. The welds may be a bit less pretty than usual, that is because I did the welding myself instead of having Aad do them, haha. Anyway, I cut out the bottoms of the bags so that the support frames will fit "inside" the indentations that I will be making next. In the 2 bottom pics I used a piece of pipe insulation as a vibration dampener, maybe I will need some firmer rubber material, we will just have to test this to see how it works.