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I never did like the big plastic taillight, so I decided to replace it with an old style "guidelight" taillight. After removing the plastic taillight I saw that the fender would need to be modified a bit to fit the classic taillight.


I looked through my parts stash and found an old-style fender section that already had the correct mount for the classic taillight. Actually it was in better shape than the one I had, so I had it powdercoated flat black to match the rest of the fender.


I used the Dremel to make a hole for the blue dot insert. Short history of the blue dot; long ago docters had a blue dot in their taillights so the cops would know not to pull them over for speeding when they were on their way to an emergancy. When the hotrodders found out they started fitting them too, haha.


In Holland we are allowed to run dark blue plates on historical vehicles. My bike was registered in 2011 so it had a modern yellow plate. I found out that I could officially apply for a historic registration that would allow me to run a blue plate, so that is what I did. That is why it has a different number now. Next job will be installing wheel covers on the front wheel.