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After the rear frame was completed, Fred started working on the perimeter brakes. The discsbrake are homemade, cut with lazer in 6CD4S material. Although the perimeter brakes are a very modern phenomenon, (the latest Buells use them) they look almost as if they belong on this 1920's style bike.


To fit the perimeter brakes, Fred welded 12 threaded pieces of steel to each 22" rim. Not an easy task to keep the rim straight and the disc exactly centered, but Fred has lots of welding experience. He used Performance Machine 125x2 brake calipers that are small but powerfull, and he used copper tubing for the brakelines.


After all the welding on the frame was finished, Fred took everything apart again and used compressed air in combination with soap and water to check the frame for leaks, after all the frame is also the oiltank on this bike!

Thanks to Fred "Krugger" Bertrand