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Aad cut out all the fullsize cross sections of the tank and all the parts were glued together.
After sanding they now had a fullsize buck of the tank that Aad copied in steel.


More sketches by Paul Funk over my CAD models, this turned out to be a very usefull
way to communicate ideas. While the bike was in Holland, Aad helped with a number of
parts, such as the completion of the girder forks etcetera.


Tiger Leathers and Paul Funk made the seat.
I did the CAD for the dual rear drum brakes according to Pauls ideas.

Tthe bike went back to Hogtech in Sweden to be completed and
managed to win 9th place in the 2010 European Championship
of Custom Bike Building in Mainz. It was featured in a lot of magazines.
In the next page I will show pictures of the completed bike.