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One of the projects I was involved in recently, was the Paul Funk / Hogtech bike
called "Madman's Blower". Quite a few people were involved in this project, and it
received it's fare share of publicity. The design of this bike was by Paul Funk, and he
asked me to translate his sketches to CAD so the parts could be built.

Luckily I already had CAD models of a knucklehead and an Eaton supercharger,
so I made a quick mockup and Paul would sit next to me, sketching on my prints
to explain how he wanted the bike to look. We spent a few days like that and gradually
the bike took shape, here are some of the first CAD prints with Paul's sketches on them:

Once the frame and forks were put in CAD, the guys at Hogtech started building them
in real steel, using a fullsize CAD print as a template to cut and bend the tubes.
In the meantime Paul Funk and Joop van Amelsvoort worked on the blown
knucklehead engine, blueprinting and balancing it.


As the CAD model was done in 3D from the very beginning, Paul could look at the
bike from every possible angle, and tell me exactly if, where and how anything needed
to be changed. Again he would sketch on the printouts to explain what he wanted,
and so we started on the most complex part, the tank.

After at least a few dozen changes,
Paul was finally satisfied. To make sure it would fit in the frame exactly I made some full
scale paper prints that were cut out and checked with the frame.

When all matched perfectly, I cut my CAD model of the tank into 27 cross-ssections,
that were printed out on paper in full scale. The paper was glued onto foam sheets, and
all the pieces were cut out and glued together to make a fullsize buck for Aad Heemskerk,
who used that to shape the tank from sheetmetal. To be continued.....