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The Shoptruck

I have not updated the "Coolcars" pages in a long time but that does not mean I have been sitting still. In September 2010 I had the seats re-upholstered by the guys at Allstof in exchange for some work I did for them.


In 2012 I replaced the heater and hit a fencepost while backing up. I had the previous owners logo's removed while it was at the bodyshop and all the rust removed

In 2012 I also added a sunvisor that I had painted in the same Bahama Blue color. After removing the carpet in the back I found quite a bit of rust in the floor, so I replaced all the bad bits, added a big toolbox in the back and painted the cargo area black. The whole bottom of the van and all the hollow spaces got a "Dinitrol" anti-rust treatment.


In 2013 I had the passenger area floor and dividing wall re-upholsterd and upgraded the stereo. The "bulge" in the dividing wall gives me just enough room to put 2 motorcycles in the back, while in the front there is room for 5 people!


To be continued....