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The Shoptruck

As the weather here is cold and slippery I figured I would replace the tires first. The rear BF Goodridge Radial T/A's were not in stock so I need to be extra carefull untill they arrive, as an empty rear wheel drive van, with worn rear tires, in the snow, is kindof tricky, heheheh


In the pics above you can see the style of grille and bumper I want on my van, I have found most of the parts but the last few bits are proving to be difficult to find here in Holland. This style of grille was used in the early 70's and I like it much better than the newer ones.

I have found the grille and the bits of sheetmetal that go around the lights, the parts I need now are the parts to mount and adjust the headlight units. If anyone in the USA is reading this and can help me out, please contact me at


On the left the 1994 grille I have now, and on the right what is behind it. To mount the round headlights I might have to replace the sheetmetal behind the headlights (see arrow)with sheetmetal from an older van. Any help, pictures, instructions and/or tips are more than welcome. And if somebody knows an older van that can be cannibalized on a scrapyard somewhere, that would be even better!