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All the Cadbikes on this page were made by me,
Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak,

Cadbike #5, Shovel trike

A swingarm trike / racebike hauler
built using parts of previous Cadbikes
Very special exhaust system
Ultra-low seating position
Apehangers with internal cables
Exists only in my computer
(20 pictures)


Cadbike #4

Cadbike #4

Originally based on Cadbike #1
but with long forks, PM Player Wheels
Weber IDF carb, different handlebars etc...
Later converted to a hardtail
Exists only in my computer


Cadbike #3, a StarSix Trike

A Morgan-style trike, based on a a starsix
engine that exists only in my computer
It is inspired by pictures of old aircraft engines,
using 6 shovelheads and cylinders!

(23 pictures, 2 animations)


cadbike #3
Cadbike #2

Cadbike #2, Renso's Flathead

An exact copy of Renso's flathead.
This project started in 98
Renso has restored a 45" flathead
and started the CAD version, it is being finished
by Duckman because Renso no longer has
access to the Pro/E software
(14 pictures, 2 animations)


Cadbike #1, Duckman's Shovel

The first Cadbike, an exact copy of my own shovel.
This project started in 1996
Some parts of the real bike I designed using
the Cadbike (Oil tank, exhausts, fueltank and batterybox) Total time involved in Cadbike: more than 1300 hours
(20 pictures, 1 animation)

Cadbike #1