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CADBIKE #9, the Blower Bike

In August 2000, I found a dimensional sketch of a EATON - M45
Supercharger and could not resist making a Cad model
and combining it with the engine from Cadbike #8

9 September 2002: added Avon 230 rear tire and lots of new views
24 May 2004: This Cadbike was originally a design I made in 2000,
in 2004 I have "restored" the CAD model, improving lots of small
details in the CAD model and in the material and camera definitions.
24 Feb 2009: I added some new renderings made with Hypershot
19 July 2020: Reshaped tank and seat, added lots of details
and new renderings (with Keyshot nowadays)

6 September 2020: Changed rotating direction of blower and
rear tire as it seems I had them both wrong.. Added more details

If you look carefully you will see that this Early Shovel engine
has been fitted with 2 rear heads, this gives more room for the
intake manifolds. It also has 2 magneto's and 4 sparkplugs
and the generator has been replaced with an alternator