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30 March 2022: I redid the tank, scanned a real dash as the old CAD model was not very accurate, redid the speedo, tanklogo's and trim and, last but not least, Christian Newman sent me a CAD file of his Magnator (Magneto/alternator) so I put that on the engine, thanks Christian!

19 February 2022: I added detail to the transmission, added the rear chain and tensioner and changed the pipes so they are more tucked in with turnouts at the tips. I also added detail to the handlebar clamp and worked on a more realistic cast aluminium material,

13 February 2022: Cadbike 8 was a project started in 2002, both the CAD and the styling itself are getting a makeover, starting with 170 tires instead of the 230's and a new rear fender, plus a lot more detail in the frame castings

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