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We finished the stainless steel coil clamp, and discused different solutions for the plugwires and the oilline to the head. We decided to route the oilline through the frame for a cleaner look. Haha, easier said than done...

After drilling the frame we managed to get a throttle cable routed through the frame and to the end of this Aad brazed a length of copper tubing. After some time we actually managed to wrestle the oilline in place. (there are several obstacles inside the frame, like the mounts for the seat and oiltank) I sketched a few different verions of clamps for the plug wires and throttlecables and had some lasercut.


We turned our attention to the forks. there was a bracket that we were no longer using near the neck, and Aad removed it while taking care to make the casting look like it had never been there, which meant filing and texturising the metal so that there was no trace left. Check out the parting line on the casting!