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We had cut off all the excess material of the right rear motormount and Aad had welded on enough material to form a new edge. The pockets were first smoothed and then texturized using a pneumatic tool with steel pins that is normally used to quickly remove several layers of paint from steel boats.

The brake side is now pretty much done,next job was a small modification on the brakerod and wingnut and then we wnt to work on the leftside hydraulic clutch pedal. While mocking up all the parts we found that the banjo bolt on the master cyclinder was too high so we made a lower version out of a M12 bolt, which we machined down and recut with M10 x 1.25 threads.

Because of the weight of the clutch pedal we decided we would need an extra adjustable return spring and a screw to adjust the length of the stroke so that we would not destroy the master cylinder by pushing it in too far. We decided to mock-up everything first.
With a bit of experimenting we found a way to make it all work while hidden behind the motormount. Now we will replace the mockup parts with the real parts that will be made from stainless steel as usual.