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Lowbudget LED taillight

A very simple tech-tip this week: while browsing around at our local car-parts store I found this clever little replacement bulb that contains 12 LED's and fits in an ordinary fitting and is no bigger than an ordinary 12 Volt bulb.

So why would you want LED's?

- They do not get hot, which means you can use them in the smallest possible taillights. The one in the pictures actually is the smallest possible taillight (available at W&W) and since taillights do not make you go faster they bloody well should be as small and light as possible.

- They are not bothered by vibration, which is a very good property for anything that gets bolted on to a Harley.

- They use far less power than ordinary lightbulbs, in my case the taillight is wired directly to the power switch, so it is always on. Now it doesn't drain the battery so fast if I forget to switch it off, and it leaves more power for the ignition when kickstarting......

-The bulb costs less than $10 and is supposed to last forever.