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I found a bunch of unpublished pics and videos from September 2019, Cadbike 31 had been parked in the attic and Aad wanted to move it to the center of his house where he had built a little display for it. Good opportunity to take it for a ride!

From the attic we hoisted the bike down about 10 meters, pretty scary!



Aad replaced the fuel in the tank and made sure the battery was full, with a few kicks the bike came back to life! We took turns ridin it around in the neighbourhood, then the whole thing was cleaned and polished



Then came the really scary part, Aad lifted the bike up about 5 meters with the forklift, and from there it went on to the balcony, through the bedroom, and on to the specially made stage in the hallway on the first floor of his house, where it is now proudly on display for all to see!