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The JIG / Table


Aad has had this hydraulic lifting table for a long time, but it used to have a wooden top. Originally the plan was to build a separate frame jig, but Aad came up with the idea to turn the whole table into a universal jig, by adding a 40 mm steel plate that had been CNC machined to be perfectly flat with a pattern of holes every 100 mm ( about 4"). The holes will be used as mounting points for various clamps and tools, see drawing.


The new tabletop weighs almost 2000 kilograms so just getting it on top of the hydraulic base was an interesting challenge. Later this year the workshop will get a new (heated!) floor with the hydraulics of the table mounted under the floor so the tabletop when lowered will be flush with the floor. Ah yes, the green chop in the pics is the "Cloud 9" built by our friend Andy at Flying Choppers, Finland.


"Conventional" frame jig