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WEBER IDA 48 intake manifolds

A while ago I got 2 requests for manifolds for Weber IDA 49 carbs, both from Hawaii. One of them wanted long bends and an S&S E flange, the other wanted short bends and an S&S G flange. I started out by figuring out in CAD how the manifolds would look and selecting the bends to use.


Once teh designs were approved I made a welding jig to get everything lined up properly. The flanges were machined and the bends cut so that all fit together nicely and then after pre-heating Aad did the aluminum welding and also the polishing.


Before polishing the parts were pressure tested ofcourse, and I made some cable conversion kits to connect the carbs to the throttle cables. One off special order manifolds like this cost around €600 euro's complete in case you were wondering.