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Weber DCOE on a Twincam


After dyno testing I made the CAD drawings for a cast version and 10 weeks later the first prototype arrived. The manifolds are cast using the lost wax method, this allows for thin walls (3mm) and high accuracy. I tested the prototype and ordered the first batch.
While waiting for the castings ( this always takes forever...) I started concentrating on the other parts. The carbs needed to be converted to cable operation so I designed a stainless steel bracket to hold the outer cables and an aluminum throttlewheel for the inner cables.


The throttlecable brackets, mounting brackets and throttlestop were lasercut directly from my CAD drawings, Aad and me made a little special tool to bend the brackets, and did all the bending ourselves. After all the stainless steel brackets were bent we deburred them in a vibratory deburring machine and sent them off to be electrolytically polished.We also made the aluminum throttlewheels, and sent them off for blank anodising


to be continued...