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Weber DCOE on a Twincam


At the time we were ready for Dyno testing, new Weber carbs were quite difficult to find so we decided to also test the carb in the pictures above, the Japanese OER carb. This carb is a reproduction of the Weber and fits on the same manifold.


To get a reference measurement we first tested the Twincam with the stock carb, the only modification was the Supertrapp pipes. In total we spent 3 days testing both the Weber and the OER with lots of different jets and emulsion tubes, with and without a fuelpump, and concluded that the Weber was the better carb. Both had similar horsepower and torque but the OER kept running much too rich in the midrange, no matter what we tried.


Comparing the graphs above you can see that the Weber gave a very significant increase in torque and horsepower compared to stock, now it was time to go from prototype parts to production parts.

Special thanks to Marcel at the Bike Hospital for the use of his dyno