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Weber DCOE on a Twincam

About 2 years ago the guys at W&W in Germany asked me to develop
a kit to mount a Weber DCOE on a Twincam, not angled forward but
straight out to the side, and as close to the centerline of the bike as possible.
This is one of the many projects that I have been doing in the last few years,
but could not talk about untill it was in the catalog so to speak, so here is a
short version of how it went from idea to production parts.


W&W had given us a Twincam B to use for test fitting, so we started by removing
the stock carb and making a simple prototype out of stainless steel welding bends.
The first manifold bolted to the stock manifold and was held in place with the
2 "ears" you see mounted to the breather bolts.


We soon realised that the carb was still sticking out too far, so we had to come
up with a new plan. The only way to mount the carb closer to the engine would
be to lower it about 3/4 of an inch and make it bolt directly to the heads.


Although the prototype was pieced together from stainless steel
it was our intention to do the production manifolds in cast aluminum.
We modified the prototype to fit as closely as possible to the bike and welded all the
pieces together. The manifold had changed from a "Y" to an "X" shape and we were
very curious what it would do on the dyno.

To be continued...