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Project started October 2023,

The plan is to use only the bits shown in dark grey in my drawing above, all the rest will be newly fabricated. Before cutting the frame we want to fix all the important bits that we will keep on a jig. We want to build the jig in such a way that engine and transmission can still be mounted, which makes it a bit more tricky....


We took a heavy steel plate that is bolted to the welding table and scribed the exact centerline on it, The holes in the welding table are positioned very accurately. Then we made a pin that slides into the bottom of the seatpost and is on the scribed centerline. Starting with bits of wood we set the frame up to be exactly level with the table in all directions, then fixed the front motormounts to steel pillars.


Next job will be fixing rear motormounts, transmission mounts and swingarm mounts to the steel plate, and then cutting off everything else and starting over to build the frame we want, which will look something like the drawing at the top of this page.