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Project started October 2023,

While Cadbike 56 is still in Germany, we have started a new project! Aad bought an S&S knucklehead engine with 0 kilometers on it from Harry, and he has a 4-speed transmission, a frame that we plan to completely cut up, and most importantly he has "Eigenbouw" papers. This means that we can build whatever wheelbase we want, and Aad decided he wants a swingarm chopper. I tried to talk him into doing a hardtail, but he insists!


The frame had already been modified by a previous owner but never mind, we will only be using a few bits of it like the motormounts and the swingarm castings. We testfitted the engine to see if the motormounts were straight and in the correct location. That was all ok, just a little clearance issue below the rear engine mount which was easy to fix.

The main inspirations for this project were the bikes belonging to Ripper and the more recent one built by Karim Ashgari le Vizir, but we will be doing it a little differently ofcourse.


Next job will be fixing motormounts, transmission mounts and swingarm mounts to a jig, and then cutting off everything else and starting over to build the frame we want, which will look something like this: