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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version

In the last installment I started making the stainless elbow for the hydraulic front brakeline, which will also stop the handlebar from rotating in the risers (which would probably cut off the brakeline) I started with a chunk of stainless steel in my Lathe, then before milling I used an angle grinder to remove most of the unneeded material. This is because my vertical milling machine is several sizes smaller than Aad's Bridgeport, and would take forever... Now I only needed to remove the last millimeter so that everything would be nice and straight.


At Aad's place we installed the elbow in the handlebars, making sure there were no leaks because this part of the brakeline will not be accessible when all is finished. Aad tackwelded it in place and I took it back to my own workshop where together with my mate Andy (Flyingchoppers) we made the last piece to cover that big hole we made.


It was fun to spend some time in the workshop with my old friend! Next part will be filing, sanding and polishing!