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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version

In the last installment all the parts for the twistgrip mastercyclinder for the hydraulic(!) front drumbrake had been machined, so now it was time to install them in the handlebar. I decided to go all the way and have the brakeline exit the handlebar through the left riser and inside the rear springer leg, which will be complicated to do but make the frontend of the bike look very clean.

I was worried about any rotation of the handlebar in the risers cutting off the brakeline so I came up with a stainless elbow that will prevent the handlebars from moving in the risers and will also give me a connection that can be disassembled when removing the bars.


To get this stainless elbow and the copper brakeline inside the bars, we removed a section of the handlebar so we would be able to tighten the internal brakeline connection


Then we mounted one side of the copper brakeline to the master cylinder, making absolutely sure there was no pressure leak in the connection. To get the the copper line around the sharp bend in the Z-bar, we started with a piece of string, which was attached to a copper wire. The end of the wire was soldered to the copper brakeline, and with a bit of gease we were able to wrestle it in place


In the last 2 pictures I started on the stainless elbow, more to come in the next episode, including Andy from Flying Choppers who was visiting and also helped with the handlebars.