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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version


I guess it is time for an update on this project! In August I brought the whole bike to Max alias Fred Flitzefuss in Germany who will be doing some modifications to the tank; I want the rear of the tank 1 inch narrower on each side and a reshaped tunnel / gap between the tanks, as it annoys me that the stock gap is so wide and uneven. I made the drawings below to explain my plans, let's see how this will look in real steel! The left tank will also need to be notched for the frame and rear head, which is why I brought the whole bike instead of sending just the tanks.Max is an extremely talented and very nice guy, check out his work here.

I took the handlebars off so I can work on them while the bike is away, the dragbars in the pics are just to make the bike easier to transport.


So, getting back to those handlebars: The bike will have a hydraulic drumbrake at the front (using the same internal components as the hydraulic rear brake) and I did not want a big master cylinder on my handlebars.

I came up with the idea to try to make the master cylinder internal on the left side of the handlebar, to be operated by twisting the left grip. The bike will have footclutch, so the handlebars can stay nice and empty this way.

The internal hydraulic parts are taken from a 14 mm Brembo master cylinder, everything else is made from scratch in stainless steel, except parts 3 and 15 (2x) which are bronze for less friction. I am using the same tiny ball bearings as in my Müller internal throttle. There will be a tiny reservoir for the brake fluid, which I might be able to disguise as a part of the mirror stem. First prototype is almost ready and I have already found some things that can be improved....


Quite a lot of work but it is the sort of thing I enjoy doing and I have not given myself a deadline, it is fun to tinker with this in those rare hours that I am not working on customer jobs.