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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version

I had already designed a velocity stack for my panhead a while ago, intending to do it in sandcasting. I started by doing a print to check all the dimensions, and all looked good. Just out of curiosity, and because I realised the walls were quite thin for casting and might give problems, I inquired for 5-axis CNC machining but keeping the shape exactly as if it were a casting with draft angles and all. Price turned out to be reasonable so I had 10 of them machined in 6061 aluminum.


The results were really very nice and it turns out they fit on the Panhead's Linkert carb and also on the Linkert I have on a 45"WLA flathead motor here. Next challenge would be to make a removeable mesh, as the screws had to remain reachable. I machined a little tool to mount the velocity stacks in the lathe to machine the groove. There will be a stainless "clip" holding the stainless mesh in place. Currently I am experimenting with making a domed mesh, as this will increase the strength as well as the surface area, to be continued.... By the way if you want one without the mesh I already have a few extra available in the webshop