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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version

The next challenge! I have had this seat for many years, it was originally going to go on Cadbike 1 but the plans changed. I like the way it looks on Cadbike 56 but the mounting of the springs is tricky. They end up almost exactly on top of the oiltank mounting bolts but at a very different angle. My first plan you can see above, these were 3d printed for testing. Not quite happy with these yet. Too close to the frame and a variable angle would be nicer.


I had a bunch of these balljoints or rod-ends or whatever they are called, and thought maybe I could copy the inside geometry of the "female" bit and use the "male" parts instead of the oiltank mounting bolts.

Together with Aad we enthusiastically started making these in stainless steel, but when I got back home and decided to make a quick drawing of what we had made, I found out that we had almost cut the part in half by machining the groove for the clip, haha!

Anyway, I did yet another design and made some prototypes in aluminium as that was what I had lying around in the barn, and this time they fit perfectly!

I guess this shows that making a drawing first would have been a better idea, and if sometimes several versions are needed to arrive at the best solution, no problem!