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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version

The fender mounting tab on the frame behind the transmission had the wrong angle for my purposes so I made a notch on both sides and bent it to fit. A bit of welding and sanding and it looks like it was always this way. In the meantime Aad was back from vacation and helped clean up my welds on the rear fender, also filled up a hole I was not going to use. He used a piece of copper behind the hole while welding, this way there is less grinding needed and also less oxygen gets to the weld which helps prevent burning through the thin metal.


I mounted the fender again, a little bit more tweaking will be required to get the gap between fender and tire the same all around but I am getting closer. Also there will be a sissybar with 2 more fender mounts, which is good because the fender metal is not very thick. I started cleaning the frame welds on the top fender mount and oiltank mounts.