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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version


It's been a while as I went on a vacation to Australia and when I got back Aad was still on vacation to Africa for a few weeks, so all you see in this episode was done without Aad, which explains the not so nice welds haha. I fabricated a front mount for the oiltank that slides in place, so I don't have any impossible to reach bolts under there, I like my bikes to be easy to work on. The oiltank is now completely mounted with only two bolts under the seat, and the gaps between oiltank and frame are perfect!


Next job was to mount the rear fender. I used some 6 mm electrical wire between fender and wheel again to get the correct gap. With everything mocked up in place I tack welded all the pieces together and then took it apart for more welding and grinding. I could have hidden that top mount behind the oiltank but again I prefer when everything is easy to reach, making it easy to assemble and disassemble.


As you can see my welds are not as good as Aad's but that is ok because I enjoy grinding, filing and sanding and I managed to clean up the lower fender mount nicely, although it did take several hours. I cut and bent the fendermount tab on the frame to get the correct angle, will clean that all up later as well.together with all the welds on the top mount!