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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version


I made a filler opening for the oiltank and Aad welded it in place and smoothed the welds. The electronic regulator for the generator looked much too modern, so I machined off the ribs and painted it black so it won't stand out so much...


We pressure tested the oiltank and found 2 small pinhole leaks which Aad fixed, so for now the oiltank is finished. Next on the list was the rear fender, I took the opportunity to take the bike off the table and take it outside to see how it looked on the ground.


With the bike now back on the table with the front wheel in the clamp this time, I removed the rear wheel.


I have two possible rear fenders but both don't fit the way I want, so I will be taking both fenders and the rear wheel to Aad's place and we will see if we can modify one of them so that it sits exactly right over the rear tire.