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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version

.Now I have spoken about my obsession with gaps before, I really hate it when the oiltank does not follow the frame exactly, both seen from the side and from the top. So I made a little tool to scrape the oiltank parts while following the curve of the frame.


The bearings are old needle bearings from shovelhead camshafts, the scratching pen is just a standard one with hardened tip and it is now spring loaded. In this epidode I use it to scrape the top and bottom of the oiltank, later I will also use it to do the side.


The fun part about making tools like this is that they can be cobbled together from stuff I had lying around, nothing needed to be bought. The scratch pen can be mounted in different positions, pointing up or down, and the spring pressure can be varied.


after trimming the top and bottom of the oiltank, I made all the bits for the battery overflow hose. It would have been simpler to make the whole battery compartment a bit wider, but where is the fun in that?


To get the sheetmetal in the right shape I just welded a bit of round bar 17 to a piece of angle iron, with a gap between them, which makes a perfect little bending tool. I am going to let Aad do the welding this afternoon, as I still don't trust my own welding enough for parts that need to be leakproof, haha.