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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version


After completing the pipes I continued work on the oiltank, that I had already started in Part 16. First job was to get it mounted in the frame:


As the seat area in this frame has been narrowed and reshaped, I want the oiltank to follow these new lines with even gaps all around. For now I tacked the mounting brackets in place, when all is final I will ask Aad to do the final welds as he is still a lot better at that than I am, haha


I machined all the mounting bungs and tackwelded them on the inside of the tank, Aad will do the TIG welds on the outside. The internal oillines have been welded in place already, all 3 oillines will exit at the bottom of the tank.


I machined a 3/8" bung for a magnetic drain plug, always a good idea to catch any metal particles..


While testfitting the new battery I found that I needed to add a notch for the overflow line, no problem, that is why testfitting is done.

I made a super simple tool to bend the skin of the oiltank, nothing more than some angle iron and a tube with a 2 mm gap between them. Works fine!