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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here

In the last episode the front pipe was almost completed, all that remained was cleaning up all the welds, so I did that first. It took me a while because I am nowhere near as good a welder as Aad, but at least now I can honestly say I did it all myself, haha


For the rear pipe I once again used 3 different radius welding bends, and tried to tuck in the pipe as close to the oiltank as possible. When cutting one of these bends, the cross section is never really round so I machined a "plug" that I hammer in after cutting, this makes the end round again so I can attach the next piece.


I deliberately tilted the rear pipe up a bit more than the front pipe, somehow I think this looks better on this bike than having them exactly parallel. After riding my Evo chopper all summer, which also has upswept pipes, I decided to put the rear pipe a bit further away from my ass on this bike, as a lot of heat comes off. Especially when standing at a traffic light where there is almost no aircooling....


I fabricated some sturdy brackets, one I welded to the back of the fishtail and the other one to the frame. This way the pipes have no visible brackets when seen from the side.


Next job will be to make the oiltank mounts, then trim the horseshoe top and bottom plate to follow the frame perfectly, and finally weld on the "skin"