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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here

While the first part of the oiltank I made in the last episode is being welded by Giel (Rollwithoutcontrol on Insta) I decided to start on the pipes. Normally a Panhead has a "squishpipe" which is a flattened section that squeezes between the frame and the engine, but I have different plans....


I started by using a tool I had made for the Cadbike 13 pipes, to keep the horizontal part of the front pipe parallel to the lower frame tube. First thing i found was that the floorboard lug was in the way, so I removed that first.


I ended up using 3 different radii pipes to make a smooth transition. I prefer to use as large a radius as possible for a nice visual flow.

I found the tool I made earlier was a bit too flexible so I fabricated a new version that would allow me to adjust the pipe up, down, in and out. Sort of an extra hand so I can look at the bike from all angles and adjust untill I am satisfied.

The tool was made completely from steel bits from the scrappile, there is no such thing as scrap metal actually!


Now that the tool was sorted, I could continue further back, following the lines of the frame. The fishtails were a swapmeet score, I think I will shorten them by 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm)


Next I will start on the rear pipe and then figure out some clean hidden mounts. The oiltank should be ready to pick up this weekend.