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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here

After completing Cadbike49 I am now back to work on Cadbike 56, the next part will be the horseshoe oiltank. I will be making this from scratch as I want it to follow the lines of my modified frame with even gaps between tank and frame. I also want it to fit the most commonly available battery (14 amps) so that I can easily get a replacement when traveling if neccesary. Finally I want to add an internal oilfilter and internal oillines.


I sacrificed an old Shovelhead oiltank to use the oilfilter mount, this is a lot quicker than making the part. I just roughly cut it out with the angle grinder, removed the bits I didn't need and sandblasted the part I was going to use. Did a quick laserscan after that.


In CAD I devided the oiltank into several pieces adding tabs and slots for easy assembly, and sent all the files off to be lasercut.


All the bits arrived today from the lasercutter, so now I will tack it all together and make the internal oillines before final welding, which I will leave to someone who welds better than me, haha