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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here

The blue bits in my drawing had to be CNC machined but they finally arrived. The reason I did it this way is that I will be using internal throttle and want to keep the option for brake and/or clutch lines through the handlebars as well. This way there is a nice round shape inside instead of a sharp angle.


I installed the stainless steel Navigation mount (for sale in my webshop by the way) and Aad welded it, using some plugwelds for extra strength


I installed the Müller internal throttle, using the digital readout on my milling machine to accurately drill the handlebar, and machined the handlebar for a press fit. This would be strong enough already but I am still also going to weld it. I machined off the heads of the setscrews in the lathe, this was easy because the rest of the handlebar was not yet attached.


At this stage I installed the bars on the bike to test for most comfortable angle and then tackwelded all the bits in place


Unfortunately Aad broke his hand in a bicycle accident, so I decided to do all the TIG welding myself. My welds are nowhere near as pretty as Aad's but that is ok as they all will be ground down and polished anyway.