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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here


I installed the Jasin Phares upper fork tree with built-in risers and temporarily used a set of Electraglide handlebars with one of my stainless navigation mounts. The plan however is to build my own stainless steel handlebars according to the drawing below.

I have all the parts ready except the 4 CNC machined bits marked in blue, the idea is that the internal throttle cable will be easier to install and will not chafe because of these parts. There also might be an internal brake cable, still working on that bit. The internal throttle that I will be using is one by Müller, with ball bearings and very high quality.


The bars will look like the picture below when finished, the grips are by Cole Foster


While waiting for the last few CNC parts for the handlebars, I fabricated a headlight mount from some leftover bits of stainless steel, still need to dome the heads of the 2 bolts and give them a good polish.