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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here


I installed the hydraulic front drumbrake, made the axle and spacers. Replaced the dented tanks with a better set, and extended a set of my bronze risers to clear the dash.


I scored some 1960 tank logo's ( this Panhead engine is from 1960) and fabricated some simple mounts so they can be screwed on the new tanks.


I scored a nice top tree with integrated risers from PCP (Jasin Phares) which I will probably be using on this bike and fabricated a mounting bracket for a solo seat that my mate Perro made for me years ago. I slightly modified the frame so that the front of the seat will sit as low as possible, with the pivot almost in the seatpost.


The aircleaner is a 7"round one that mounts on the Linkert and has the same art-deco bird that is on the derby cover. It annoys me that it is not straight and flying backwards, haha, we will see what I do with that. Definitely will be making different handlebars as well.